Be a C.O.O.L. Investor!

Invest: "to devote to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result."


Here's the cold, hard truth - C.O.O.L. needs money.  Every ministry does in order to function.  And God's "spiritual storehouses" are filled to overflowing with resources for His kingdom.  He will provide.  He always does.  But we're after more than just paying the bills.

The C.O.O.L. ministry doesn’t merely want to recruit “donors”; we want to recruit “investors.”  People who know the ministry, have tasted its fruit, and want to see it continue.  People who believe in the mission and core values for which we stand.  People who will literally find a way to give because if they don’t they would regret such an opportunity to be part of this!  People who give, and then realize “Hey, I’m a part of what’s happening in these communities and in people’s lives. This is so worth it!”  

That’s what we’re looking for.  We want you to be one of those people. 

The apostle Paul exresses this same concept in his letter to the Philippians: “Not that I seek the gift itself, but I seek for the profit which increases to your account.” – Phil. 4:17

It truly is our heart’s desire to see the profit of joy and blessing be added to your account through your cheerful giving.  We are asking God to lead those people to us.  That kind of partnership will not only meet the needs, but will have God’s favor all over it!  

When you invest in this ministry, you become a part of our C.O.O.L. team.  We cherish your partnership because you believe in us.  It breathes life into our hearts, and encourages us to keep going!

Is God tapping you on the shoulder to join our Investor Team?


C.O.O.L. is recognized as a nonprofit organization by the IRS, and is supported largely by partnering individuals and local churches who want to see this ministry continue and grow.  You will receive a year-end receipt for your donation.

IRS Code: Section 501(c)(3)                                                                                                                   Tax Identification Number: 46-0798977

You can mail a check to this address: (checks payable to C.O.O.L.)


PO Box 2741

North Canton, OH 44720


or click the "Donate" button below to make an online donation:


Cool - Community Outreach Of Love


Thank you, dear friends!  Your gift will touch lives.  




"I am at peace.  I walked through several years of Ronnie's illness and to see the change that took place in him the days before he passed gives me great peace.  I'm so excited knowing I will see him again in heaven!  I know none of this would have happened if Herbert and Bill had not come to talk with him about Jesus through the C.O.O.L. Day."

Ellie Flinn,

resident in Massillon whose deceased husband Ron came to know Jesus as a result of the C.O.O.L. volunteers serving at their home