The C.O.O.L. Day Project

Our Plan for Growth

Each new C.O.O.L. Day Project will progress in a cycle that may last 1-4 years, depending on local church initiative and preparedness of qualified leaders.


This pattern provides a platform for vital C.O.O.L. Day experience and hands-on training before new leaders are chosen.


Years 1 & 2:

  • Start a new project, led by C.O.O.L. Project Leadership Team (PLT).  The PLT includes:
    • Project Director
    • Project Administrator
    • Project Assistant(s) – number may vary depending on team needs
  • PLT should remain the same in years 1 & 2 to establish continuity.

Year 3:

  • Is initiated by the local churches, led by local leadership who meet *PLT guidelines
  • The Project Director (PD) and Project Administrator (PA) from years 1 & 2 will serve as Project Assistants (PA) for year 3, providing hands-on training for the new PLT members.
  • The PD and PA from years 1 & 2 will also lead a new project in a second community.
  • If no local leaders take initiative to serve as the PLT in year 3, the C.O.O.L. ministry will move on to a new community to start a new project.

Year 4:

  • If the local churches initiate a C.O.O.L. Day Project for a 4th year in their community, a new PLT will be released without the assistance of original PD and PA from years 1-3.  Local leaders must meet the PLT guidelines.
  • A written agreement must be signed by the members of the newly released PLT and the C.O.O.L. Executive Director, acknowledging our support of the new leaders representing C.O.O.L. and their adherence to our mission and core values.  NOTE:  The agreement will include a statement that the C.O.O.L. organization reserves the right to discontinue a project or remove from leadership any leader who does not hold to the values expressed by the C.O.O.L. ministry.

*PLT guidelines:

Those desiring to serve as Project Director or Project Administrator must have a minimum of two years experience in a C.O.O.L. Day Project as a volunteer and a minimum of one year as either a Project Assistant, Area Leader or Church Leader.


Any PLT serving in a new community should understand they are potentially committing to a 3-year process, according to our pattern of growth stated above.


The keys to C.O.O.L. growth are strongly motivated by our commitment to:

1.  Recruiting strong spiritual leadership

2.  Training and modeling the value of:

  • Prayer
  • Communication
  • Integrity
  • Having a heart of service motivated by love

We see these qualities as essential to the success of the C.O.O.L. ministry.


"Wow, how beautiful! I never have seen so many people working together helping my neighbors beautify their homes so effortlessly. Your people and church did an amazing job. I had no idea what was happening until I found you on the web. Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow! I saw your good works, and yes, you glorified the Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you for your service!"

- Kathy Williams,

Tallmadge resident